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LibreOffice Stable 4.1.6

LibreOffice Stable 4.1.6 Free Download
LibreOffice is an all-in-one professional office productivity and management package for your PC. In the same vein as other open source productivity suites like, LibreOffice boasts a co...
rating: 6.2 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 206.24 MB

Windows XP Service Pack (SP3)

Windows XP Service Pack (SP3) Free Download
The latest Service Pack for XP is finally here and it includes some minor but important updates for Windows users. Windows® XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) includes all previously released updates for the ope...
rating: 7.1 / 10
license: Free
size: 316.43 MB

Word Reader 6.03

Word Reader 6.03 Free Download
Do you want to open or print a Microsoft Word document, but don't have the program installed? With Word Reader, you have a free, lightweight program that will open and print documents in seconds. Word...
rating: 6.9 / 10
license: Free
size: 6.84 MB

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 9.1...

Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 Free Download
Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is a word processor with some useful features. Almost identical to Microsoft Word in appearance, Kingsoft Writer Professional 2012 is a good alternative that's also c...
rating: 7.6 / 10
license: Trial version
size: 65.32 MB

Windows Essentials 2012 16.4.3503.072...

Windows Essentials 2012 16.4.3503.0728 Free Download
Windows Essentials 2012 may have shed its Live branding but it is still a great starter pack of useful applications. Windows usually comes with a dearth of apps out of the box but Windows Essentials 2...
rating: 6.4 / 10
license: Free
size: 131.31 MB

Apache OpenOffice ( 4....

Apache OpenOffice ( 4.0.1 Free Download 4.0 has at last hit the shelves – but is it a viable alternative to Microsoft Word? Well, the answer is yes. 4.0 reveals itself as a very decent competitor: it's light on...
rating: 5.9 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 136.79 MB

Word Repair

Word Repair Free Download
If you've been working on a Word document for a long time then it's a nightmare when it suddenly corrupts or won't open. The reasons for this are numerous and usually it's not your fault. If you've e...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.5 MB

Free OCR to Word 5.0.1

Free OCR to Word 5.0.1 Free Download
Free OCR to Word is a simple optical character recognition (OCR) program that scans your photos and extracts text from them. If you have a lot of photos of text instead of PDFs, it can be a pain to tr...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Free
size: 0 MB

File Repair 2.1.2

File Repair 2.1.2 Free Download
File Repair is a useful tool for repairing files that have been corrupted. Has a virus destroyed some of your files? What about a network interruption or another unforeseen event? Antivirus programs c...
rating: 5 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.02 MB

Microsoft Office Professional Academi...

Microsoft Office Professional Academic 2010 Free Download
Microsoft no longer offers a trial version of Office 2010. You can download the Office 2013 trial instead. Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Academic is a special version of the popular productivity...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Full Version
size: 1085.06 MB

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