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Minecraft Map Great Britain (Minecraf...

Minecraft Map Great Britain (Minecraft GB) Free Download
Minecraft Map Great Britain uses 22 million blocks to provide a faithful reproduction of the British Isles in the building game Minecraft. It covers an area of 220,000 km and shows pix...
rating: 6.4 / 10
license: Free
size: 344.73 MB

Tinkers Construct , Minecraft Mod 1

Tinkers Construct , Minecraft Mod 1 Free Download
Tinkers’ Construct is a mod about putting tools together in a wide variety of ways, then modifying them until they turn into something else. The tools never disappear and can be named and changed to y...
rating: 10 / 10
license: Free
size: 0.7 MB

Too Many Items Minecraft Mod 1.4.7

Too Many Items Minecraft Mod 1.4.7 Free Download
Too Many Items is a Minecraft Mod that allows you create and delete items in-game, including mod items. You can save and load entire inventories, create unlimited stacks and tools, test mods, create h...
rating: 6.5 / 10
license: Free
size: 0.09 MB

The Temple of Notch (Minecraft World)

The Temple of Notch (Minecraft World) Free Download
The Temple of Notch is a Minecraft world you can play that's dedicated to Minecraft's creator Markus Persson. To enter the Temple of Notch, you have to throw a gift into the well, and then the entranc...
rating: 6.2 / 10
license: Free
size: 3.11 MB

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