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Virtual DJ Free Home Edition 8.0.2345

Virtual DJ Free Home Edition 8.0.2345 Free Download
Virtual DJ is a virtual console for DJs. Despite the number of tools that it offers, it's easy to use, and is the perfect midpoint between a consumer and professional product for DJing. All the...
rating: 7.3 / 10
license: Free
size: 37.82 MB

DJ ProMixer NB Netbook Free Home Edit...

DJ ProMixer NB Netbook Free Home Edition 1.5 Free Download
DJ ProMixer NB Netbook is a netbook optimized app for mixing your digital music. While it's not a bad DJing app, it's not as flexible as Mixxx and its cluttered interface is beaten hands down by Cross...
rating: 7.1 / 10
license: Free
size: 38.99 MB

DJ Mixer Express 2.0.3

DJ Mixer Express 2.0.3 Free Download
DJ Mixer Express gives you a set of easy to use digital decks to create marvelous (or monstrous) mash-ups of your favorite mp3s. Digital DJ DJ Mixer Express’s interface will no doubt be familiar to a...
rating: 6.6 / 10
license: Trial version
size: 3.24 MB

DSS DJ 5.6

DSS DJ 5.6 Free Download
DSS DJ is one of a new wave of audio mixing programs that has the beat-matching tools to do justice to the tracks you spin towards the dancefloor. There was a time when mixing tracks on a PC was frown...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Trial version
size: 2.17 MB

SPDJ Studio 54 Edition 1

SPDJ Studio 54 Edition 1 Free Download
SPDJ Studio 54 Edition (or SP DJ01 Studio 54 BCN Ed) is a DJing tool that can be downloaded for free. It is designed for DJs, allowing them to mix music and different effects. Not only for total new...
rating: 7.4 / 10
license: Free
size: 25.47 MB

Virtual DJ Wallpapers Pack

Virtual DJ Wallpapers Pack Free Download
If you're a big fan of the excellent DJing application Virtual DJ, then you will love Virtual DJ Wallpapers Pack which is a collection of one hundred pictures you can decorate your desktop with inspir...
rating: 7.2 / 10
license: Free
size: 32.02 MB

Mobile DJ PRO 1.0.4

Mobile DJ PRO 1.0.4 Free Download
MobileDJ PRO is a powerful, easy-to-use DJ software application for mixing live audio and video! MobileDJ PRO's innovative tool set includes; advanced video mixing, mixpoint detection, auto & user...
rating: 6.2 / 10
license: Trial version
size: 14.63 MB


Voicemeeter Free Download
Voicemeeter is a Virtual Mixing Console for Windows able to mix 3 audio inputs devices (2 physicals and 1 virtual) to 3 audio output devices (2 physicals and 1 virtual) through 2 Busses. In other word...
rating: 7.1 / 10
license: Free
size: 7.14 MB

Mixxx 1.10.1

Mixxx 1.10.1 Free Download
Mixxx is a free open source DJ app that allows you to mix your MP3 collection together, for parties, clubs or just for fun. Installation is simple, all you have to do is specify your music library (yo...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 19.64 MB

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