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Vystal 2008 Beta

Vystal 2008 Beta Free Download
Working with Windows all day every day I feel like I know the XP interface better than I do my own body. Although I don't want to upgrade to Vista just yet, I'm not averse to the idea of doing so in t...
rating: 9 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.15 MB

QuickData Fix for Task Manager 1

QuickData Fix for Task Manager 1 Free Download
Is your task manager grayed out? Yes! The task manager of your PC has been disabled by your administrator and task manager will not open until you revert back the registry changes. You can fix the pro...
rating: 10 / 10
license: Free
size: 0.55 MB

Aero Shake 1.3

Aero Shake 1.3 Free Download
Since the announcement of Windows 7 we've been reading a lot about the most outstanding characteristics of Microsoft's next operating system. One of these features is the so called Aero Shake, which...
rating: 6 / 10
license: Free
size: 0.2 MB

VistaXP v2 VS

VistaXP v2 VS Free Download
VistaXP v2 VS is an excellent Vista skin for XP which gives you all the benefits of the Vista look, without paying hundreds of dollars for the upgrade. VistaXP v2 VS is inspired by the original Window...
rating: 6.6 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.95 MB

ThumbWin 1.2.8

ThumbWin 1.2.8 Free Download
ThumbWin adds a new desktop functionality to Windows XP, similar to Vista's ability to show thumbnails of all minimized windows. Once installed, this small tool will generate a thumbnail with the cont...
rating: Not rated yet / 10
license: Free
size: 0.82 MB

Explorer Breadcrumbs

Explorer Breadcrumbs Free Download
Rather than navigating step-by-step through your folder hierarchy -- view your folders quickly and go directly to any location with a single click. Explorer Breadcrumbs is an add-in for Windows Explo...
rating: Not rated yet / 10
license: Free
size: 0.32 MB

Free Launch Bar 1.0

Free Launch Bar 1.0 Free Download
Free Launch Bar is a Free replacement for the standard Quick Launch bar. All functions presented in Quick Launch are also in Free Launch Bar. However, the Free Launch Bar is fully compatible with Quic...
rating: Not rated yet / 10
license: Free
size: 0.51 MB

MagicTweak 4.12

MagicTweak 4.12 Free Download
Ever needed to tweak Windows to get the best out of it but have only ended up making it worse rather than better? MagicTweak is designed to help you optimize and personalize Microsoft Windows and pro...
rating: Not rated yet / 10
license: Trial version
size: 1.48 MB


SparkleXP Free Download
Sparkle XP takes a radical alternative to Windows speed problems by creating an entirely new configuration for your PC. SparkleXP releases RAM and processes so that your PC operates at its optimum per...
rating: Not rated yet / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 0.64 MB

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