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Adobe Flash Player (for IE)

Adobe Flash Player (for IE) Free Download
Adobe Flash Player is an essential plug-in for your browser that lets you view everything from videos, to games, to animations on the web. A more complete navigation If you want to make t...
rating: 7.2 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.02 MB

Nero 2014 15.0.07700

Nero 2014 15.0.07700 Free Download
Nero 2014 offers you everything you need to burn CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, as well as an impressive number of multimedia utilities. A true multimedia center Nero 2014 supports burning audio, video and...
rating: 7.4 / 10
license: Trial version
size: 275.29 MB

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7.0 (8T...

Windows 8 Transformation Pack 7.0 (8TP) Free Download
Windows 8 Transformation Pack give you the look and feel of Windows 8 on older Windows versions. The Metro design, themes, wallpapers, icons, sounds and other features can all be yours with this exc...
rating: 7.1 / 10
license: Free
size: 58.26 MB

Firefox 1 21.0 (en-US)

Firefox 1 21.0 (en-US) Free Download
WARNING: This is a very old version of Firefox. To download the most recent stable release, click here. We'll leave this one up for a while in case advanced users would like to download it for other...
rating: 7.2 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 4.65 MB

Ubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu 13.10 Free Download
Ubuntu is the ultimate free operating system which us widely revered for it's ease of use and powerful features. Ubuntu epitomizes everything that open source software is all about - free, quality sof...
rating: 6.7 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 794 MB

Windows Live Messenger 2011 2011

Windows Live Messenger 2011 2011 Free Download
IMPORTANT: Microsoft is replacing Windows Live Messenger with Skype. All your contacts will be moved automatically. Take a look at The Complete Guide to Moving from Messenger to Skype for more informa...
rating: 5.4 / 10
license: Free
size: 1.23 MB

Veoh Web Player beta

Veoh Web Player beta Free Download
Veoh is one of the expanding numbers of online video content providers. The Veoh Web Player allows you to watch and download long videos from within your browser. Veoh is not one of the most popular...
rating: 7.1 / 10
license: Free
size: 9.68 MB

ICQ 8.2.6901

ICQ 8.2.6901 Free Download
ICQ used to be the most popular IM application... until Microsoft launched MSN Messenger and thousands of ICQ users switched to it. In the meantime ICQ continued to be upgraded until finally reaching...
rating: 8.9 / 10
license: Free
size: 37.6 MB

SMPlayer 14.3.0

SMPlayer 14.3.0 Free Download
One of the most frustrating things about video playback is when you don't have the right codecs installed. SMPlayer attempts to do away with this problem completely by attempting to play videos regard...
rating: 7.7 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 20.4 MB

Mozilla Firefox 28.0

Mozilla Firefox 28.0 Free Download
Mozilla Firefox is one of the World's most popular web browsers and was one of the first to break the stranglehold of Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) on the web browsing market. Features This is t...
rating: 7.3 / 10
license: Free (GPL)
size: 24.03 MB

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